Who we Serve

Who We Serve



When it comes to the marine industry, our pride stems from serving its unique needs. We have a profound appreciation for the maritime world and the integral role it plays in global commerce, transportation, and exploration. For over 45 years we have been a premier provider for Microphor products, while offering excellent customer service and troubleshooting for our customers.

We are thrilled to have diversified our product line and are now selling additional marine products such as ladders, gangways, chlorinators, Ballast Water Treatment Systems, fishing equipment, and other sanitation solutions from many new manufacturers.

We serve the marine industry because it is important to us not only to support dedicated seafarers, but it is also important to maintain sustainable waste treatment for our oceans. Whether you are involved in commercial shipping, offshore exploration, fishing, or yacht ownership, our team of experienced professionals is here to support you.

We are committed to helping you navigate the ever-changing tides of the marine industry and make you feel at home.


We are dedicated to serving the rail industry by providing specialized facility products, offering all-encompassing solutions to support the sanitary and wastewater management needs of railways. .

We recognize the importance of maintaining clean and hygienic facilities onboard trains and at railway stations. Our commitment to the rail industry drives us to deliver cutting-edge products that ensure sustainable sanitary solutions, prioritizing the well-being and comfort of passengers and staff.

Our deep understanding of the regulatory standards, operational requirements, and sustainability objectives within the rail sector enable us to provide reliable and compliant solutions that enhance passenger comfort and operational efficiency.

With our many years of experience and specifically crafted product offerings, we are determined to help you meet the sanitary needs of the rail industry and create a safe and enjoyable travel experience for all.



We have been serving the RV industry for over 10 years now, and it brings us a great sense of pride to do so. We understand the importance of having reliable and efficient toilet systems in RVs. It is our goal to improve the overall RVing experience, offering products that elevate comfort, promote cleanliness, and provide peace of mind.

We specialize in providing a comprehensive range of RV toilets that are adapted specifically for RV environments. Additionally, we offer a wide selection of toilet parts and accessories, ensuring that RV owners have access to the necessary components for maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.

Whether you own an RV, operate an RV park/campground, or are an RV Service Provider, our team of experts is here to support you in creating an outstanding environment for you and your guests.

With over 10 years experience and extensive product offerings, we are driven to help meet the facility needs of RV enthusiasts and ensure their stay is memorable and comfortable.


We are proud to serve the Coach industry, catering to the distinct needs of travelers and adventurers on the road. We understand the importance of creating a comfortable and enjoyable traveling environment. That is what drives us to provide exceptional facility solutions that enhance the overall experience for travelers and residents.

We offer a broad range of facility products and services tailored for Coaches. With over 10 years of experience serving the Coach industry, we have developed a deep understanding of the singular needs and requirements of its facilities.

Our passionate team is devoted to assisting coach operators, manufacturers / dealers, and travelers in finding the perfect toilet solution to enhance onboard facilities and ensure a comfortable and sanitary journey for all passengers.



We are committed to serving the bus industry by providing a wide range of high-quality toilets, parts, and products designed to meet the specific needs of bus operators, passengers, and professionals.

Our mission is to reinforce the comfort, hygiene and convenience of onboard facilities, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable travel experience. We understand the vital role that onboard facilities play in the bus industry, both for passengers’ comfort and for the operational efficiency of bus operators. We are driven to deliver top-quality toilets, parts, and products that meet the uncommon requirements of buses.

As a supplier, we consider ourselves a partner to our customers; not just a supplier. We offer an in-depth range of facility products engineered specifically for buses. Our expertise and industry knowledge allow us to deliver exceptional customer service, reliable products, and customized solutions that meet all unique demands.

We are determined to assist bus operators, service professionals, and passengers in finding the perfect facility solution to improve each individual’s experience.

Conversion Van

Serving the conversion van community is something we value greatly. We understand the special requirements of conversion van owners and operators, who strive to create comfortable and functional spaces on the go.

Our commitment drives us to deliver innovative facility products that enhance the onboard experience, ensuring a pleasant and convenient journey for travelers. We work closely with manufacturers, owners, and operators to identify their specific needs and provide customized solutions within the vehicles.

Our deep understanding of the industry’s unprecedented challenges, space limitations, and evolving trends allows us to deliver tailored solutions that meet the highest standards of quality, durability, and functionality.

Whether you are a conversion van owner, or a professional in the industry, our team of experts is here to support you.