How to Troubleshoot Your Air and Water Sequence Valve: A Step-by-Step Guide

Mullaney & Associates
The Air and Water Sequence Valve is a unique component critical to the operation of Microphor Air Toilets. Acting as the brain of the system, it’s essential for the toilet’s functioning—and yes, it can be a bit temperamental at times. Identifying Issues: First off, how is your toilet acting up? Hearing strange noises, incomplete flushes, or a constant running? These can all be signs that the sequence valve might be in distress. Step 1: Listen and Look Start simple: Listen for any unusual sounds and look for leaks. Air escaping where it shouldn’t can be the first clue to problems. Check the valve for cracks on the body and near the straight fittings, overtightening the fittings can cause cracks. Step 2: Pressure Checks Next, check the water and air pressure. Incorrect pressure is a common culprit for poor flushing performance. Make sure that the air pressure is between 60-65 PSI, and that the water pressure is between 20-50 PSI. Step 3: Clean, Inspect, and Lube Debris and mineral deposits can jam everything up. A thorough cleaning might just be the fix your valve needs. During the clean, inspect for any signs of wear or visible damage. It is good to take it apart to make sure all of the parts are tightened enough, we have had complaints in the past where the piston is not tight enough to the spool which gives the cycle issues. *Also, remember that all of the O-Rings inside of the valve need to be lubricated every year if you use the toilet often!* Step 4: Replace if Needed Sometimes, parts just wear out. If cleaning and lubricating doesn’t resolve the issue, consider either replacing your valve, or servicing the components of the valve. An Air and Water Sequence Valve rebuild kit provides all of the innards of the valve, saves you money, and makes it essentially brand new. Wrap Up: Regular checks and maintenance can save you from bigger headaches down the road. Keep your Microphor toilet’s brain in tip-top shape, and it will keep everything else running smoothly too. Here’s to a well-functioning toilet! As always, call us if you have any questions or issues!: 856-596-1299 See videos to help with troubleshooting below: Rebuild Kit Video: Testing the Valve Video: